There are more than 10M Stay at Home Moms searching for better balance and flexibility.


Our Mission

Bridge the Gap is an online platform that directly connects businesses with a curated community of highly skilled working mothers seeking a better work-life balance. We empower these women and businesses to find their best match based on their own unique search criteria — resulting in efficient costs, placement and productivity. 

Without a contact at a potential employer, it is very difficult for stay at home moms’ resumes to make it through the online application process. We are told we are too experienced, or our experience is not current enough, for whatever reason, many professional women who have stayed at home face tough obstacles to get back in the workforce.
— Moms of Bridge the Gap

What WE're focused ON


  • We have a niche focus on highly skilled and highly educated female talent seeking employment opportunities with more flexible work arrangements.
  • SMB companies are matched with highly skilled talent, without the cost commitment of traditional full-time employment.


  • Project-based assignments with options to convert to full time employment allows SMBs to "try and buy" before making permanent hiring decisions.
  • Women are able to continue their professional lives in challenging, yet flexible roles, enabling them to achieve better work-life balance. 

Sustainable Value: 

  • Our fee structure creates value for employers at a significantly lower cost than traditional Executive Search and Consulting Firm Fees.

  • Our pricing premium for highly skilled talent allows women to earn income commensurate with their skills versus the lower paid roles typically associated with temporary or part-time roles.